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Thorvald Records Presents ... Electronic Folder!

In isolation with an old laptop, a microphone, a guitar and a piano, Christian Thorvaldson's 'Electronic Folder' was the repository from which musical projects emerged. Inspired by Eno’s ambient period, the collection of recordings produced became known as 'True Story.' 

"I was born in North Vancouver in 1965 to parents of Icelandic and English heritage, inheriting my musical abilities from my paternal grandmother. A great singer and piano player in her own right, she made sure all her sons and daughters developed their individual talents. Like my father and uncles, I was given piano lessons at a young age and would enjoy playing Scott Joplin at their parties. At my lessons though, we were starting to get into the more difficult Preludes (Chopin) and I was starting to complain, at which point my teacher produced a book called 'Boogie-Woogie Piano'. I connected with it right away, intuitively understanding the concept of improvisation, much to the delight of my schoolmates at lunch hour! Two of those mates were Stephen Hamm and Terry Russell.

As we grew into our teens, we formed the nucleus of the infamous Vancouver 'grunge' (punk?) band 'Slow', after meeting Tom Anselmi in high school. Zulu Records released our single in 1985 'I Broke The Circle' and follow up EP 'Against The Glass' in 1986. Tom and I were soon writing songs that, for better or worse, were too complex for Slow, so with the great drummer Pete Bourne and bassist Eric Marxsen, we went on to form the unclassifiable band '©'. Three albums over 15 years were critically lauded, the first of which was released by Geffen in 1991, the latter two by BMG in 1996 and 2001, and we eventually disbanded around 2005. Shortly afterwards, I was hired by the Canadian singer/songwriter Mathew Good and spent the next several years criss-crossing Canada playing large concert halls, with the occasional recording date. Also during that time, with help from the drummer of the Mathew Good Band, I co-founded the group CLIC, a vehicle for the great songwriting talents of Lynne Kellman, known professionally as Ellsie Kay. We recorded one great album, Llife, which has been lost to obscurity.

In 2020, without any rehearsing to do, I turned my attention to an old laptop, and finally after years of procrastination, took a run at Apple's music creation software: Logic. Funny little bits of music emerged. I created a little folder on the desktop and titled it, for lack of a better name, Electronic Folder. While the time of isolation is hopefully winding down, Electronic Folder has hopefully just begun. Going from refined, minimal and atmospheric to irreverent, novelty and bombast, True Story shows the wide range of musical styles that have always interested its creator. 'Electronic Folder' is like the suitcase of a traveling salesman brought from the 20th century, opened at the door of the 21st."

 -Christian Thorvaldson, June 2022

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Electronic Folder
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