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The Medicine

THORVALD RECORDS is pleased to announce "The Medicine" a collaboration between acclaimed singer songwriter Lily Frost and Vicious Animals. Development of the track was initiated during the height of the pandemic and was completed remotely over long distances, neither artist ever being in the same room. Regarding the song Lily states, "It's a song about angels, polarity, violence, superheroes and the idea that love and peace are the foundations of all religions. It's also about the idea of people needing a solution- something to turn to in this chaotic world we live in so full of crime, guns, war and violence everywhere you turn."


Thorvald Records is pleased to announce the new full length release of “Paros” by Combine The Victorious, an anthology spanning the band's 18 year career. CTV explore the dark and light forces of music, crossing genres and blurring the lines between ambient, electronica, EDM and dream pop. Combine evoke 80's English acts like the Cocteau Twins and Massive Attack and take listeners on a musical journey with words to inspire the mind and beats that get the body moving.

Smoky Mountains
Los Angeles based Smoky Mountains forge classic outlaw country and Americana to create a sound all their own. Their debut single "The Baptism" tells the story of a woman's quest for redemption against all odds. "Smoky Mountains make us want to sit around the fire after a long day on the trail. 'The Baptism' keeps your head rocking like a ZZ Top country tune... one of the best produced and arranged songs we have heard — from the spurs to the shakers. Smoky Mountains…get on their trail." -Modern Music Maker
Honeytone delivers a tasty blend of garage rock, early punk and Riot grrrl, with a bit of classic country on the side. Their debut release "Pretendencies" is an insight into the artist’s experience with relationships and all that comes with them. Honeytone has been highlighted as part of Rodney Bigenheimer's live set on Sirius XM's Underground Garage, with several songs currently in rotation.
Combine the Victorious
Combine's “meticulously crafted music and videos” and “infectious mix of dreamy textures and solid beats place the band in line with the lot of mid-nineties U.K. pop that is currently experiencing a comeback." -Vancouver Sun
Christian Thorvaldson's
Electronic Folder
Electronic Folder is the brainchild of Slow/Copyright guitarist and composer Christian Thorvaldson. His album “True Story" pans a wide range of musical styles, from refined minimal and atmospheric, to irreverent and bombastic. His "Electronic Folder" is like the suitcase of a traveling salesman brought from the 20th century and opened at the door of the 21st.
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