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Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Lily Frost is an extremely talented cross-genre, multi disciplinary singer/songwriter/performer and recording artist. She has released 14 albums and has toured the world. In 1999 she released "Lunamarium" on Nettwerk Records marking the first successful collaboration with producer Stefan Sigerson. The album was well-received and spawned opportunities to share the stage with The Cowboy Junkies, The Dandy Warhols, Blue Rodeo and Coldplay. Her music has been synched in numerous productions including the Touchstone Pictures film "Crazy Beautiful" which featured the Sigerson produced single "Who Am I?" also featured on the soundtrack album released by Hollywood Records. 

Honeytone's style can be described as a tasty blend of garage rock, early punk and Riot grrrl, with a bit of classic country on the side. Their debut EP “Pretendencies” is an insight into the artist’s experience with relationships and all that comes with them. Honeytone has been highlighted as part of Rodney Bigenheimer's live set on the Sirius XM station Underground Garage, with several songs in rotation since the December release.

Betrothed singer/songwriters Adam Lazio and Frances Lawson channel classic outlaw country and Americana with their band, Smoky Mountains. Hailing from different parts of the continent they fatefully met in Los Angeles and started playing music together in 2019. The Lawson penned debut single, "The Baptism" features a swampy pedal steel by Bob (Boo) Bernstein and tells the story of a woman's quest for redemption against all odds.

Combine The Victorious delve deep into the dark and light forces of music crossing genres and blurring lines between ambient, electronica EDM and dreampop. Beautiful melodies and thoughtful lyrics are written from rain soaked streets with words to inspire the mind and beats to get the body moving.

In isolation with an old laptop, microphone, guitar and a piano Electronic Folder was the repository from which musical projects emerged. Inspired by Eno’s ambient period, the collection of recordings produced by Electronic Folder became known as “True Story”, but might also be called Music for Getting Dressed, Going Out, Sharing Food, Dancing, or Taking a Cab Home. A throwback to when techno ruled the decks, "True Story” is an exceptional conduit to channel your own nostalgic story bridging past, present and future. 

Los Angeles based rock band Vicious Animals' debut single "How Does It Feel To Feel" is a hard hitting throwback to late 1980's post punk/alternative rock. This recording (originally written and performed by English rock band The Creation in 1968 and later covered by The Godfathers in 1991) evokes the original sentiment of the song, while sonically expanding on the ethereal.

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