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Thorvald Records Presents... Smoky Mountains!

Married singer songwriters Adam Lazio and Frances Lawson are Smoky Mountains, forging classic outlaw country and Americana to create a sound all their own. Hailing from different parts of North America, they fatefully met in Los Angeles and started playing music together in 2019. Their swampy debut single "The Baptism" features pedal steel by Bob (Boo) Bernstein and tells the story of a woman's desperate quest for redemption after comitting a mortal sin.

"Smoky Mountains make us want to sit around the fire after a long day on the trail. 'The Baptism' keeps your head rocking like a ZZ Top country tune... one of the best produced and arranged songs we have heard — from the spurs to the shakers. Smoky Mountains…get on their trail."

"I’m a big fan of country music with a spaghetti western feel, so I was very pleased to hear The Baptism, the latest song from American duo Smoky Mountains."

"Smoky Mountains shows why the South remains a great musical cradle, with 'The Baptism'"

Weekend Mixtape | 222 Songs That Will Teach You A Thing Or Two (Side 10)

Exclusive Premiere: Smoky Mountains release "The Baptism"

Highlights: Videodrome_208

"If Johnny Cash were a woman, it would probably be in this Folk Rock duo that he would be reborn!"

"Smoky Mountains, knows how to fuse country, Americana and alternative, the result is +10."

10 Country artists you might be loving right now (#2!)

“If you get acquainted with the work of Smoky Mountains for the first time, then this track will become a kind of dedication and baptism into the amazing world of Country, Southern Rock and chic, charismatic vocals.”

Playlist “Além da BR” #5 – Sounds from the world that reach us

The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up Vol.20 - Video Feature

"Smoky Mountains takes us down to the river for spiritual cleansing..."

TV feature Episode 3 Series 53 "Nu Country TV", Channel C31 (Australia), streaming list on Digital 44,. 

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