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Los Angeles, CA 90039, USA
(323) 640-3357
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Stefan Sigerson, Producer

STEFAN SIGERSON is a producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist with a diverse career spanning many niche genres and over 35 years experience. He is the owner of Los Angeles based music company Thorvald Records, Inc. Currently situated in the United States, Stefan has spent time in Canada, Germany, England, and Spain. He has produced and composed hundreds of tracks for major broadcast networks such as Fox/Disney, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MTV and HBO, to name a few. He produced and co-wrote the song “Welcome To Hell” which was featured in the cold opening of Hawaii Five-0 episode "Pa'ani" (2013), as well as being included on the soundtrack for the Fox Searchlight motion picture “The Wrestler” (2008) starring Mickey Rourke. He also produced the single "Who Am I?" by Nettwerk Records artist Lily Frost which was prominently featured on the soundtrack for the Touchstone motion picture "Crazy/Beautiful" (2002) starring Kirstin Dunst.

Sigerson produced, performed and co-wrote the worldwide underground smash hit "I'm So L.A." (2004) for Angelino electroclash band Mynx, and produced the Canadian chart topping single "Moola Moola" (2002) for artist Jordy Birch. He has also produced many notable artists and performers including platinum-selling alternative rock band Econoline Crush, AC/DC drummer Simon Wright, Jackie Enx (formerly Liam Jason) of Warrior, Kix guitarist Brian Forsythe, and many more.

"He truly is talented. He adds an element to the band like none of the other producers. We’ve worked with some really good guys like Brendan O’Brien and Terry Manning. Those guys are excellent and extremely successful and all that kind of stuff but Stefan has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ or whatever you want to call it. He just gets you going. He is a master at it. He makes the studio an enthusiastic and creative place."

 - Georg Dolivo

"Every day that Stefan is not in the studio is a crime against humanity."

- Jordy Birch

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