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Vicious Animals

Vicious Animals is an LA based band/project bourne out of the great pandemic of 2020 which thrust the world into panic, uncertainty and put us all on high alert. Massive depression followed and thoughts and execution of creative impulses (what were left of them), dampened and got very dark. Vicious Animals' first single addressed this dark spiritual confusion by covering "How Does It Feel to Feel" first released by English band "The Creation" in 1968 (and later covered by The Godfathers in 1991). The lyrics involve a paricular supernatural influence haunting the subject, the result of which renders him numb from enduring continuous horrifying experiences. This brings along with it the curse of sleep paralysis which terrorizes the victim to the point where he is afraid to fall asleep. He longs for daybreak, which was a sentiment shared by many in the midst of the collective horror known as "Covid 19." Vicious Animals is a mutable collaborative project that involves composers, performers and collaborators from all musical spectrums, as an outlet to allow a certain creative freedom of ideas and expression. 

Lily Frost and Vicious Animals
How Does It Feel To Feel
Vicious Animals
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